Why MEP Engineering

MEP Engineering, Inc. offers both strong project management experience and extensive technical knowledge related to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing construction, within a wide range of facility types. Serving in both the subconsultant and prime consultant roles, our firm has successfully completed over 2,000 projects since its inception in 1995. At MEP our focus remains on providing friendly and responsive service, while continuing to develop collaborative professional relationships with our partners and clients. We feel our firm is set apart from our competitors in the following ways:

  • We staff our projects from the start to finish with knowledgeable, seasoned team leadership by licensed professional engineers, who offer years of relevant project experience. We’ve found that continuity throughout the project is a critical factor to success, allowing our engineers to make confident and immediate design and CA decisions.
  • We offer a collaborative teaming approach that welcomes quality input from the owner’s project management and facilities staff, as well as from the general contractor and subcontractors. While we feel we offer a wealth of engineering expertise, we don’t pretend to be the only ones in the room with good ideas.
  • We do not offer one-size-fits all solutions. We understand that each renovation is unique and should be approached with objectivity, with our focus solely on identifying optimal solutions for each new project.
  • We offer a considerable amount of experience serving in the prime consultant role for M|E|P driven projects. We are skilled at successfully leading projects using a variety of contracting delivery methods including job order contracting, competitive sealed proposal, design/build and construction manager at risk.
  • We offer full service offices in both Austin and San Antonio, so we are perfectly positioned to rapidly respond to needs across the State of Texas.

For our more complex project assignments, MEP’s scope of work is often comprised of a facilities programming and/or assessment effort, including in-depth verification of existing conditions, coordination with building managers to develop recommendations for final design approach and construction phasing.  In many cases, MEP’s expertise has produced new and innovative engineering solutions not previously considered and/or alternative phasing options that have resulted in substantial construction cost savings.

For the past 25+ years, MEP has built a solid resume of energy-efficient, sustainable designs geared for a wide variety of building types.  In fact, several of our past projects are listed as among the most energy efficient buildings, as rated by the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star program.  By balancing first cost, system complexity, and maintenance considerations with the needs and capabilities of each owner, our goal is to deliver reliable M|E|P systems that provide lowest total operating costs for the life of the system.  Furthermore, with our familiarity of programs such as LEED Green Building Rating System, MEP is ideally equipped with both the people and the project knowledge base to meet a wide range of sustainability goals for any project.