V. Darlene Price Sr. Designer | PM | Electrical

Darlene Price, who has over 30 years of electrical design experience, is a stable, reliable senior designer in an ever-changing industry. She has built an expertise in being able to review the most technical detail while not losing sight of the project’s ultimate goal.  As regulations consistently change and codes push for lower energy design, Darlene balances the need to meet new regulatory requirements with solutions that address client needs, adhere to budgets and provide effective long-term usage and maintenance plans.  Additionally, as clients struggle with adapting to new regulations, Darlene works hand-in-hand with them to determine the appropriate time for conversion or introduction of newer technologies.  Darlene has established herself as a trusted advisor with the dedication to think through all of the design aspects of a project – both immediate and long-term.  While a simple solution may still require significant research and coordination, Darlene strives to provide an end result that is well-designed, easy for the client to administer and not a forced solution.  A self-proclaimed “grammar nerd,” Darlene continuously strives to improve communications with clients, which also carries over into solid, easy-to-understand drawings.

Darlene’s projects have included facilities up to 465,000 SF, including K-12 schools, storage facilities, university laboratories, performing arts centers, regional stadiums, data centers, transportation facilities, and hotels.  She has designed electrical distribution systems, interior and exterior lighting systems, lighting control systems, athletic lighting systems, fire alarm systems, and backup generation systems. She possesses significant knowledge about energy efficient designs as well as international and local codes and standards.

On a personal side, Darlene previously competed in the CrossFit Games, placing second in her master’s division. Lately, she has invested time flexing her brain muscle and enjoys reading in her spare time.


Bachelor of Arts, Western Intellectual History, University of California at San Diego, 1993

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Association for Learning Environments (A4LE)

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T 512 306 9650