North East ISD Churchill High School Auditorium Renovation & Liberal Arts Addition

MEP Engineering, Inc., served as a subconsultant to Garza Bomberger & Associates to complete this $2,400,000 fine arts renovation in San Antonio, Texas. The scope of work included extensive renovations to the existing auditorium, library, classrooms, art classrooms, as well as a dance rehearsal addition.

HVAC instillation included chilled and heating water air handling units with sensible and latent heat recovery wheels for outside air pretreatment. Plumbing included toilet rooms, art room sinks, and gas service to new boiler.

The main campus electrical switchboard was replaced, while backfeeding the existing switchboard, and  including allowances for future planned additions. Electrical systems include lighting and power distribution systems for 480/277 volt service and rough-in for data and communications.

Project Title:  Churchill High School Auditorium Renovation & Liberal Arts Addition

Project Location:  San Antonio, Texas

Owner:  North East Independence School District

Project Size:  47,000 SF

Total Project Cost:  $2,400,000

MEP Role:  Subconsultant

Architect:  Garza Bomberger & Associates

Services Provided:  Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Engineering