Magnolia Montessori for All

Montessori for All, Austin’s first public Montessori school, began by serving Pre-K through third grade when it opened. Each year they extended a grade level, until reaching sixth grade. This project was unique that instead of a single building holding all grade levels, each age group is located in a cluster of smaller scaled buildings, 15 in total. These buildings include 11 classrooms; one administration building; one for the nursery, daycare, and kitchen; one building for additional office space; and one event space. All of the classroom buildings are situated around an outdoor space for play. Additionally, the facilities for the younger age groups have courtyards, enclosed by fencing, attached to the building. Their design offers an abundance of natural light, through large windows and skylights, and a warm atmosphere fostering a comfortable learning environment.

Project Title:  Magnolia Montessori For All

Project Location:  Austin, Texas

Owner:  Montessori for All, Inc.

Project Size:  39,626 SF

Total Project Cost:  $12,500,000

MEP Role:  Subconsultant

Architect:  Page

Services Provided:  Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing