Del Valle ISD Gilbert Elementary School

This 125,000 square foot elementary school is located in Del Valle, Texas and was designed to serve a student body of 1,000. Completed in the fall of 2011, this building was conceptualized in accordance with LEED standards. MEP Engineering, Inc. designed the geothermal HVAC system, as well as an energy efficient lighting scheme, in order to make the best use of the architect’s design to introduce an abundance of natural lighting throughout. To make use of the HVAC systems’  by-product and rain run-off, MEP requisitioned 14 condensate collection tanks around the school. The landscaping design included native trees and drought resistant shrubbery.

Project Title:  Gilbert Elementary School

Project Location:  Austin, Texas

Owner:  Del Valle Independent School District

Project Size:  125,000 SF

Total Project Cost:  $17,654,000

MEP Role:  Subconsultant

Architect:  BLGY Architecture

Services Provided:  Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Engineering