At MEP Engineering, Inc. we feel a mutually beneficial relationship is one of the greatest drivers of success. We strive to offer our clients an inimitable experience at MEP, with each of our designs planned specifically with their individual needs in mind. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, and we realize that in order to continue this experience, all MEP team members must have the same investment in our success. At MEP we encourage a culture of learning and advancement, both professionally and personally, for every team member.

MEP offers the opportunity for all team members to join professional organizations in order to develop a deeper and more robust understanding of the engineering field. MEP also provides numerous opportunities for continuing education, be it seminars, classes, webinars, or encouraging a sense of curiosity about advancements in our field. With our clients, we cultivate an environment of collaboration in order to find the best solutions for a project, which is something we feel is important to extend to our team members. Our Principals and Senior Engineers offer a guiding hand, but empower every team member to get creative and innovate new solutions.

MEP Engineering, Inc. places the highest value on professionalism and adherence to a strict code of ethics, yet at the same time fosters a casual, family-like office environment. MEP encourages a sense of camaraderie and teamwork amongst our entire staff, instead of the more traditional hierarchy. We feel strongly that MEP’s successes are our team members’ successes. Furthermore, MEP feels it’s very important to invest in the welfare of our staff in and outside the office. We offer a competitive array of benefits, from insurance and retirement planning, to paid time off. MEP feels our team members are our most important assets, so by engendering a reciprocal and respectful relationship, a shared sense of responsibility will permeate everything we do as a firm.

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