William P. Hobby Tower I, II, & III MEP Upgrades

MEP Engineering, Inc. served as the prime consultant on this deferred maintenance project to replace 421 VAV air terminals in Tower I (228,000 CFM total) of the W.P. Hobby (WPH) State Office Building.  MEP also implemented life safety upgrades including replacement of atrium smoke evacuation fans in Tower III, as well as upgrades/replacements of stairwell pressurization fans and return air fire/smoke dampers in Towers I, II, and III.  Critical improvements were applied to BAS building pressurization controls, and architectural ceiling upgrades were made inside the main public entrance lobby.  Prior to design, MEP developed a comprehensive facility assessment report and worked cooperatively with TFC and the CMR to recommend a logical scope of work within the assigned project budget.  The building remained continuously occupied through construction; all contractor overhead work (and MEP field observations) occurred during afterhours/off periods.  WPH was originally constructed as Republic Plaza, a private commercial office development, between 1982 and 1985.  The State of Texas acquired the site in 1990, and today it houses a wide variety of important agencies.

Project Title:  William P. Hobby Tower I, II, & III MEP Upgrades

Project Location:  Austin, Texas

Owner:  The State of Texas

Project Size:  149,275 SF

Total Project Cost:  $5,743,000

MEP Role:  Prime Consultant

Services Provided:  Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing